Selling in Raleigh?

Dress Your Home to Impress!

Getting ready to sell your home in Raleigh or the Triangle? Demand for homes might be high, but competition is still strong amongst sellers, which means if you want to get top dollar for your home, you've got to make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips for making your home look its best before you list.

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Start on the Outside

Create curb appeal

First impressions are everything! Many buyers drive by homes before even scheduling a showing, so make sure your home's exterior is dressed to impress. Take a walk to the curb to view your home with a critical eye: what needs some TLC? You might consider powerwashing or painting, replacing shutters or shingles, or updating your mailbox or door.

Improve your landscaping

Part of your curb appeal is your landscaping. Take a good look at the greenery around your home; is it overgrown or barren? Does your lawn need a trim or maybe some fertilizer? Could your garden beds use weeding or your hedges trimming? Could you use some flowers or pops of color?

Welcome buyers inside

Make buyers feel welcome when they pull up to your house! Clear pathways, and maybe add some lighting, especially for shorter days when showings might be after dark. Add a welcome mat, paint your front door, and replace your house numbers. A potted plant or a cozy chair might also be nice additions to your porch.

Clean & Repair

Fix it!

If you've been putting off any maintenance or repairs in recent weeks or months, now is the time to stop procrastinating. Don't lose a buyer to an easily fixable issue. If you're not sure what issues your home might have, you might want to get an inspection.

Clear out some clutter

Give your home some breathing room! Aim to clear out about 1/3 of your belonings, even if that requires you to rent a storage unit temporarily. Giving your closets some breathing room will make them seem larger and more useable. Clearing rooms will make them feel more open and spacious.

Deep clean

Don't deter buyers with dust bunnies and dirt! Break out the cleaning supplies and give your home a thorough deep cleaning. Don't forget oft-overlooked nooks and crannies, hard-to-reach places, flooring, appliances, and all surfaces. When in doubt, hire a professional to help out.

Do a Little Decoration


One thing you don't want to do is to give buyers the impression that they've walked into the middle of someone else's home. By removing personal decor, photos, and memorabilia, you can give your home a more neutral feeling that will allow buyers to envision their own lives in your home.

Let in the light

Bright, sunny, light-filled rooms are what buyers want to see! If you have rooms that get a lot of natural lighting, don't be afraid to open the windows and show them off. For rooms that don't receive as much natural lighting, you might consider adding some soft artificial lighting to help brighten them up.

Add some light decor

When decorating, remember, less is more. Keep it simple, keep it neutral, and keep it tasteful. Don't overwhelm or cover your home with too much, and avoid being too heavy handed with bright or bold colors. Use pops of color to accent features or draw the eye, not to cover or distract.

Selling Your Raleigh Home?

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